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Callaway uPro MX+ Plus Golf GPS Review 


Callaway uPro MX Plus

Retail Price:  $249.99

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Callaway uPro MX+ Overview

Designed by golfers for golfers. The MX Plus is the only golf gps with actual aerial imagery and video flyovers (ProMode). This realistic view will allow you to make the best possible shot decisions.  The unit comes preloaded with over 25,000 courses and is ready to use right out of the box. You will have 3 modes to work with - ProMode, GoMode, and BasicMode. GoMode and BasicMode are preloaded with the device and you will be allowed unlimited ProMode course downloads. ProMode is not available for every course so check the course link below to see the status for your courses. There are no annual fees or subscriptions. Callaway has designed the touchscreen for multi-gesture. This will allow you to more easily navigate the course for the precise yardages with just the swipe of a finger. Use the AnyPoint technology to get distances to a point and from that point to the green. Properly manage the course and you are on your way to lower scores. A digital scorecard is included which not only keeps your score but includes input of stats for fairways, greens, and putts during the round. What keeps it all together is the Callaway uxplore site. With your unit connected you can download ProMode courses, view and track your stats, and upload your scores and stats. You will find the MX+ small enough for one-handed operation and can easily be carried in your pocket. Advanced GPS technology will assure that once a signal is achieved it will stay locked on. Read on for more details and images. 

uPro MX+ vs Garmin Approach G6

uPro MX+ vs SkyCaddie SGXw


Callaway uPro MX + Quick Facts

Unit is Preloaded with over 25,000 courses with BasicMode and GoMode -- ProMode courses are available for downloadCallaway uPro MX Plus Aerial Image

See Available Courses

No Annual Fees -- (***Unlimited ProMode Course Downloads***)

ProMode - This features actual aerial images of the hole with video flyovers. Use the AnyPoint technology to plan your shotmaking. Easily zoom in and out and pan the entire hole. Not Available for All Courses.

Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery Last Between 5 - 7 Hours

Hi-Resolution Color 2.2" LCD -- Multi-Gesture Touchscreen will allow the golfer to navigate the golf course while getting exact yardages for hazards and layups with just the swipe of a finger

 Callaway uPro MX Plus Aerial Image



The only golf gps on the market that provides the user with actual aerial images of the hole. Preview each hole with video flyovers. Pan and zoom the entire hole with just the swipe of a finger. Use the AnyPoint technology to help plan your next shot. 

 Callaway uPro MX + Green View



Computer generated rendering of the green with surrounding hazards. You will be shown distances for the Front, Middle, and Back of the Green along with distances to the nearby hazards. AnyPoint technology is available in this mode to give the golfer pin point distances for any shot.

Callaway uPro MX Plus Basic Mode



Gives the golfer quick and easy screens with the Front, Middle, and Back Distances to the Green. It also includes distances to hazards.


uPro MX Plus


Retail Price:  $249.99  

Click Here for the BEST Price

Free Shipping -- NEW


 Callaway uPro MX Plus Aerial Image  Callaway uPro MX + Hazards


 Callaway uPro MX + Green View  Callaway uPro MX + Hazard List


Callaway uPro MX Plus Aerial with Layups  Callaway uPro MX Plus Scorecard


Callaway uPro MX + Statistics  Callaway uPro MX Plus Statistics


Callaway uPro MX +Callaway uPro MX Plus

Callaway uPro MX + Side ViewCallaway uPro MX + Digital Scorecard




uPro MX Plus
Retail Price: $249.99

Click Here for the BEST Price

Free Shipping -- NEW








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