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The Golf Buddy World Platinum Review

Golf Buddy World Platinum Golf GPS

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Golf Buddy Platinum II vs Golf Buddy World Platinum

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The Golf Buddy Platinum is an advanced golf gps that includes a wide range of features. Consisting of a hi-rez color touch screen, pre-loaded courses ranging from all over the world, full layout mode, and many other features, the unit provides you with the details plus stat's that can help you lower your scores.  Typically the most important advantage produced from a particular golf gps can be course management. The gps shall become your onboard caddy assisting you with all the important information to get the proper golf club selection and the ways to play the hole. This will then produce reduced golf scores. The easy to understand system will help you speedily obtain accurate distances for greens, bunkers, hazards, and even layup positions. 


The equipment will come pre-loaded with golf courses from all over the world so it is ready to run right out of the box. Having a max storage capability of 40,000 golf courses you're going to be set for years to come. Just like with all golf gps's, to maintain up to date with course changes along with new course additions, you will need to download and install the Golf Buddy program and link your device. This in turn will also deliver you firmware revisions for the operating system of the golf gps unit. In the event that you've got a golf course which is not included, it's possible to request from Golf Buddy that your course be put into the course list. The equipment is powered using a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The casing is shock plus water-resistant and also the satellite reception uses fifty channels. Currently the device is capable of a variety of languages.Golf Buddy World Platinum


Golf Buddy World Platinum Quick Facts

Pre-Loaded with up to 40,000 Courses Worldwide -- See Available Courses

No Annual Fee.  No Charge for Future Course Additions and Updates.  If your course is not available, you can request that it be added.

Touchscreen - 3" (Trans-reflective touch screen) Color TFT LCD (240x400)

Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery (lasts up to 10 hours)

Weighs only 5.15 oz. -- Water Resistant -- Touchscreen -- USB Interface

3 Buttons for Instant Access to ProPlay, Quick Tools, and On/Off  --  All other functions are accessed by the Touchscreen

What's In the Box - Golf Buddy World Platinum, Rechargeable Lithium Battery, AC Wall Charger, USB Data Cable, Belt Clip, Swivel Holster

Key Features - Touch Targeting -- Manual Pin Positioning -- Course Preview -- User History (View history of all the rounds you have played) -- Extensive Statistical Analysis -- Digital Scorecard (Scores and Handicaps for up to 4 players) -- Additional Statistics for you including Putting Average -- Percentage of Fairways hit (Also will show you percentage of misses to right and left) -- Sand Saves -- Greens in Regulation -- Create You Own Targets -- Display of Layup Arcs -- Shot Measure -- Green View -- Hole View.



Hole View Golf Buddy World Platinum Hole View


The user will be able to pick any point on the hole and the yardages to that point and from that point to the green will be displayed.  You will also see yardage rings displayed across the fairway.  Use this course mangement feature for drives and layups to lower your scores.  From this screen you will also be shown the following:  course hole, total yardage for hole, distance from marked point to current position, zoom in and out option, plus quick access to menu and targets list.   

Target ListGolf Buddy World Platinum Targets


This will display the list of targets based on your current position on the hole. An abbreviation will show you the direction, distance, and position of the target. To display touch "Targets" on the screen or touch the hazard on the screen.

Hole View ZoomGolf Buddy World Platinum Hole View with Zoom


As you progress along the hole, the unit will zoom in automatically. You will also have the ability to zoom in and out manually at any point on the hole.

Green View with Pin SettingGolf Buddy World Platinum Green View


By touching the distance in the upper right corner the unit will display an enlarged view of the green. The user will then have the option to move the Pin to the desired location (the default location is middle of the green). The distance will then automatically update.

Digital Scorecard & Statistical AnalysisGolf Buddy World Platinum Statistical Analysis


The user will have the ability to record scores for up to 4 players including your own. The statistical analysis feature will let you track score, fairways hit, sand saves, and number of putts. Statistics can only be recorded for you (the owner). Analyzing your strengths and weaknesses will show you where you need to concentrate your practice time.

Create Your Own TargetsGolf Buddy World Platinum Create Custom Target


The unit will give the user the ability to create custom targets in addition to the existing targets for that hole. You will be able to pick a name from the targets list or you can create your own custom name. This is an excellent feature for a course you play often, in that it will allow you to mark points or objects to aim for or avoid.



Golf Buddy World Platinum Hole View              Golf Buddy World Platinum Digital Scorecard


See More Screenshots



For golf courses which are mapped using the full layout mode your capability to control ones own golf game will give you the optimal potential for lower strokes. As you play the hole you will have the ability to zoom in and out with the press of a button. After you change to "green view" you will be displayed the putting surface that includes yardages with the front, middle, and back. Having the enhanced touch screen display you'll be able to put your finger on the pin and drag it to it's position for that particular day. The distance for that pin will automatically change. A simple press of the targets key will show you all of the targets along with their specific yardages. In addition to your targets you will be shown the 100, 150, and 200 yard distances towards the pin. This graphic will likely prove to be beneficial to you when a layup swing is needed. Now let's assume you are off of the fairway in the rough. You currently have 225 to the green but no chance of making the shot there. Ideally you would really like a maximum wedge from 100 yards and that means you know a good solid 125 yd swing is the ideal layup distance. The any point concept allows you to situate a spot on the hole and you will be shown the yardage to that spot and then from there into the putting surface.




Looking at and knowing your prior stat's will be helpful to your future scores. You should be able to notice patterns and consequently figure out what is performing combined with what needs to be concentrated on. The Golf Buddy World Platinum has numerous options and features to aid you. While in player history you will be able to display your scoring and also numbers from all of your recent rounds plus the courses they are associated with. The ProPlay option will allow you to maintain golf scores for 4 players in addition to stat's for you the owner. The numbers in the Golf Buddy comprise of scores, putting, fairways struck, and sand saves. For all of the different players it is easy to enter their names, set up their particular handicaps, specify course pars, plus course handicaps. The ProPlay control button additionally comes with the mark function which enables the golfer to measure the distance of each shot you play. This information is valuable as you will have the capability to learn and choose the right golf club from any yardage.



Additional Information

View the current list of Golf Buddy World Platinum Golf Courses Available

View the Platinum Manual (This opens in a new window)

There are no annual fees associated with this unit.  You will be able to keep your unit current with new courses and course updates with no additional charges.


The Golf Buddy Platinum gives you state of the art capabilities inside an easy to use device. 


 Golf Buddy World Platinum           Golf Buddy World Platinum Side


Size of Unit 2.4" x 4.3" x 1"

Weight 5.15 oz (w/Battery)

PC Interface USB

Display 3" (Trans-reflective touch screen) Color TFT LCD (240x400)

External Memory Micro SD

Statistical Features You can track scores up to 4 players -- Additional stats for the owner can be input -- Fairway Hit Percentage -- Putting Averages -- Sand Saves

Battery Type Removeable Lithium Polymer Rechargeable -- Operation Life: 10 hr -- Power Adapter: 5V, 0.5A

Button 3 Buttons + Touch










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