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Bushnell Neo + Plus Golf GPS Watch - $50 Mail-in Rebate

Bushnell Neo + Plus White Golf GPS Watch RebateThis offer is good on the purchase of the Bushnell Neo Plus WatchBushnell Neo + Plus Black Golf GPS Watch Rebate (White and Black) until 12/31/12.  The rebate specifies that the purchase price must be at least $199 (which is the retail price). The watch comes pre-loaded with 25,000 courses and distances for the Front/Middle/Back of the green. Auto recognition for courses and holes. No Annual Fees.  You can measure your shot distances and it is waterproof. Also you can use it as an everyday watch with odometer and alarm capabilities. Offer good in the US only.


Special Edition Garmin Approach S1Garmin Approach S1 Special Edition

Garmin has introduced a new color to the Approach S1 series. White with orange trim. Like the still popular S1 line this unit comes pre-loaded with courses from the US and Canada. No annual fees. On the course it easily displays front, middle, and back yardages with the shot measure feature also available. It can be used as an everyday watch and an odometer. The battery will last up to 8 hours in gps mode. See our comparison with the Approach S3 and find the BEST Price.


The Bushnell Neo Plus Golf GPS - $50 Mail-in Rebate

Bushnell Neo Plus Golf GPSSpecial Promotion - Save $50 - Place an order for a Bushnell Neo Plus GPS Rangefinder, and you'll save $50 with a mail in rebate. Offer expires 6/17/2012.  The Neo + is a small and simple device to that will quickly display accurate yardages for the front, middle, and back of the green.  It comes preloaded with over 16,000 golf courses and there are no annual fees.  A full charge will last up to 14 hours with automatic course and hole recognition.  Includes up to four additional points for each hole (water, sand traps, etc.) and the option to measure your shot distances. You can add or edit these custom points as long as you keep it to 4 per hole.  This unit gets high user ratings on every site that we check.  Also available in White.


Just In!  The New Garmin Approach S3 Touchscreen GPS WatchGarmin Approach S3 Golf GPS

For all the facts on the Garmin S3 go to our Review Page. Building on the success and innovation of the S1, Garmin has taken the S3 to another level. If you've been looking for an excuse to dump the golf gps handset for a more simple and unobtrusive device then this might just be your ticket. Here's a few quick facts: pre-loaded with over 27,000 courses, yardages for front, middle, and back of green, yardages for doglegs and layups, save customizable yardage points for water and bunkers, digital scorecard, green view with ability to position pin, and much more. The watch is no larger than a normal sports watch (yes it can be used as an everyday watch). No annual fees for updates or course additions. It comes in 2 colors and is projected for release in May 2012.


New Changes to Garmin Approach G6 Make It a Buy

Garmin Approach G6The new Garmin G6 not only looks different on the outside, but 2 significant upgrades on the inside make this a golf GPS for the top of your list. As good as it was, the G5 was perceived to have a disadvantage because of a lack of worldwide courses and a rechargeable battery. The Approach will come pre-loaded with over 25,000 courses from around the globe. Your unit will include courses from the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. There will be no fees or subscriptions and the player will also enjoy all future course updates and additions for free. Previous versions were limited to courses in the United States and Canada. The addition of the powerful lithium polymer rechargeable battery puts the G6 on a level playing field with all the top golf GPS's in the market place. Battery life is rated up to 15 hours which should give the average golfer over 2 full rounds of play on one charge.


"Simple" Devices:  A New Golf GPS Niche

With the introduction of the Garmin Approach S1 a new trend has been started with golf gps's. Until this introduction each new wave of devices was packed with more and more course, hole, and green information. Let's take a quick look at these new units that are taking us back to the basics. The new contenders are the Golf Buddy Voice, MotoActv Golf, and the Expresso WR62. As noted above, the S1 put preloaded courses with front, middle, and back distances into a normal sized wristwatch. Add in the ability to measure your shots and thats it. But alas, as with any niche category this one is already quickly evolving. With a push of a button the Golf Buddy will speak the yardages to the green. The MotoActv Golf sports a 1.6" color screen with preloaded courses, yardages to the green, yardages to hazards, scorecard, and statistics. The Expresso is also a wristwatch and will include distances to hazards. It is powered by iGolf. Golf GPS 1 will be bringing you much more information on these units.

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Expresso WR62 Golf GPS  MotoACTV Golf GPS



What is the HoleVue Function on the SkyCaddie SGX?

Is the HoleVue function on the SkyCaddie SGX a feature that will help you shoot lowerSkyCaddie SGX HoleVue scores? Let's take a look at exactly what it can do before you make that call. One thing you need to remember when accessing features and functions on devices such as the golf gps, they only mean something in terms of shooting better scores if they directly apply to your golf game. The interactive HoleVue is basically a graphical layout of the entire hole. You will also be presented with yardages for hazards, layups, etc. The HoleVue function has an optional zoom which will allow the golfer to get a close-up view of any section of the hole. This can come in handy to be able to get a view of the general area which you will be driving the ball to. It will also assist you greatly to zoom in on the area where your layup shot will be going. It is especially nice to be able to check out the hazards in that area.



Learn About the New SkyCaddie SGXw

SkyCaddie SGXw Golf GPSSkyCaddie has introduced their latest model called the Skycaddie SGXw. You will not notice a dramatic change in the form of the device from the SGX. It actually looks the same as the SkyCaddie SGX from the outside. But on the inside you will find changes to help you out with your golf game. The main addition is the w in the name - wifi wireless connectivity has been added. This is the first golf gps to employ wifi which will allow you to break free from the usb connection. You will also find a faster processor which will obviously refresh the screen faster while on the course. The screen has been upgraded to a 3"" TFT-LCD display. This increase in resolution makes for a more precise display and a better screen to see outdoors in the bright sunshine. You will also find a new tracking device for picking precise points on the course maps, as well as the addition of distance rings to aid in club selection and layups. The new skycaddie sgx-w is designed to improve your interaction with the device to make better shot decisions.



Features of the New Golf Buddy Voice

Innovations in the golf gps category continue with the new release of the Golf BuddyGolf Buddy Voice Voice. The name gives away the obvious which is that the device will speak the distances to the front, middle, and back of the green with the push of a button. Comparison to the iPod Nano is the first reaction to one of the smallest golf gps units on the market. The device is 1.7" x 1.7" and weighs in at only 1 oz. Despite its small size, the Golf Buddy will come preloaded with over 35,000 golf courses from around the world. No annual fee and all future downloads and course updates are free also. If you don't utilize the voice feature, the screen will display the front, middle, and back distances along with a dynamic view of the green. As with all golf gps's, you will have the ability to measure your shot distances for all the clubs in your bag.



Is the Golf Buddy Platinum for you?

Golf Buddy PlatinumIf you are in the market for a golf gps, then the Golf Buddy World Platinum should be one of the units you take a strong look at. The feature list starts not just with the device being preloaded with the golf courses, but that it includes courses from around the world. In addition, you will pay no annual fees for future course additions and updates. The golf buddy is one of the easiest units on the market to use. Your main screen will show a full layout of the hole with distances to the hole, hazards, layups, and other targets. You can zoom in and out as you progress along the hole. Green View will show you the green with front, middle, and back yardages. The player will have the option to move the pin to the exact location for that day. Precise distances allow the player to maximize his chances for lower scores.



The Garmin Approach G6

A total unit and feature redesign of the flagship Garmin G5 golf gps has resulted in the newGarmin Approach G6 Garmin Approach G6. The first thing you will notice is that the unit is a much better designed golf gps. While the G5 was a bit on the bulky side, the new G6 is a sleek and slim unit designed to easily fit in your shirt or pants pocket. You will still find the colorful touchscreen which can be used even with your golf glove. In addition to the smaller size, the G6 adds 2 buttons for instant access to the most common functions: green view, digital scorecard, and shot measure. You will also no longer have to purchase batteries on a regular basis. The unit now features an internal lithium ion rechargeable battery. Garmin rates this battery to lasts up to 15 hours so you can play golf the whole weekend on a single charge.









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