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SkyCaddie SGX Golf GPS

The SkyCaddie SGX Review


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SkyCaddie SGX Golf GPS

Retail Price: $299.99

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The SkyCaddie SGX Golf GPS. It's the most complete golf gps on the market for both the experienced player to the beginner. Begin using the standard functions to the innovative features to get a quality of golf course data only slightly short of obtaining your own individual tour caddy. You will enjoy having access to the most substantial golf course library where all the exact measuring was conducted by actual walking of the course. You will have access to that library which is now nearing 30,000. SkyGolf is the only company that walks every individual course on which you play golf.

Advanced features are where you will find the SGX SkyCaddie genuinely shines. Nearly all courses contain distances to lay ups, carries, and hazards. Interactive HoleVue with Zoom - Use of this particular option allows the golfer to choose a point anywhere on the hole to acquire your distance to that point and from that exact spot to the pin. Intelligreen - This feature is included on many golf courses in the database. With this complex innovation, the exact shape of the green automatically moves to match the angle in which your approach shot will be coming from. The player is going to be given the front, center, and back distances based on this approach. Intelligreen Pro - This proprietary development will clearly show distances to significant shapes and undulations of the green along with yardages to carry the front and back. This guidance will enable the low handicap golf player to get his or her golf game to a higher level.


SkyCaddie SGX Quick Facts

Pre-Loaded with up to 30,000 Courses of Basic Green Information -- After 30 days you must choose a Membership Plan and then you will have access to all the courses corresponding to that plan -- See Available Courses

Scoll down this page to see Membership Plans -- If your course is not available, you can request that it be added.

Screen - High-Resolution, 3" transflective TFT-LCD screen

Rechargeable Lithium-ion Polymer Battery (lasts up to 14 hours)

Weighs only 5.6 oz. -- USB Interface -- Compatible with PC and Mac

Advanced Features Exclusive to SkyCaddie - Every hole on every course is ground walked and mapped -- IntelliGreen -- IntelliGreen Pro -- QuickVue -- ClubSG -- MyPar

What's In the Box - SkyCaddie SGX device, Rechargeable battery, LCD screen protectors, USB cable, AC power adapter, Belt clip cradle, Quick Start Guide

Key Features - Interactive HoleVue with Zoom -- Target List -- Manual Pin Positioning -- Digital Scorecard with Statistics - # of Putts, Fairways Hit, Handicap or MyPar Target -- Custom Record Your Own Course -- Customize Target Views -- Shot Measure -- Green View -- Hole View.  


Interactive HoleVue with ZoomSkyCaddie SGX Interactive HoleVue


HoleVue displays a graphical layout of the golf hole. You will be shown an ideal line of play for the hole. From any point on the hole you will have the option to re-position the pointer and be shown the distance to that point and from that point to the green. This will allow you to determine your best pathway to the pin.

IntelliGreenSkyCaddie SGX IntelliGreen


This feature will display the true shape of the green.  The green will automatically rotate to match you angle of approach.  You will be shown a point on the green with a crosshair that displays for you the distance from that point to the front, back, and sides of the green.  With the joystick you can move this around to determine your best landing area.  The display at the top will show you the distances to the front and back of the green, as well as the distance to the crosshair point.  Distances automatically recalculate as you move or the pointer on the green is moved.


IntelliGreen ProSkyCaddie SGX IntelliGreen Pro


Using the IntelliGreen technology, Pro expands this with the ability to display contours, tiers, false fronts, and mounds. These will be displayed based on your angle of approach to the green. This information will prove crucial for determining the best area of the green to shoot for. This proprietary information is only available on SkyCaddies since they walk each course for mapping.


Digital ScorecardSkyCaddie SGX Entering Score


The digital scorecard will provide you with much more than a score. After each hole you will be able to enter your total score, # of putts, fairway hit (if missed whether it was right or left), and tee shot distance. Prior to the round you can have the SGX factor in your handicap or MyPar Target for the course you are playing that day. After the round you will be able to upload this information for further analysis on ClubSG. By spotting trends in your game, you will now have the information needed to practice smarter and better for lower scores.


The device has all the options that you will find on the majority of the advanced golf gps's available today. These features include shot mark (to accurately calculate the distance of one's golf shots), digital score keeper, inputting your golf handicap, and professional scoring data( it is going to allow you to maintain a record of total score, putts, fairways hit, as well as driving distance). The unit comes with advancements to propel a low handicapper to a higher level, while the high handicapper would certainly benefit similarly. People coming from all skill-sets will benefit a great deal from the basic yardage's to the most enhanced. The results might be lower scores plus more fun on the golf course. How far did I drive my last shot? Typically the question every golfer needs to know for sure. The SkyCaddie SGX helps make this a very easy process. Simply tag your shot from the spot you drove the ball from and then again when you get to your golf ball. This certainly could be one of the more important capabilities as it will enable you to know confidently the length you hit each single club in your bag. When you can determine the precise yardage in conjunction with the correct club selection for that distance, proper execution can lead to lower scores.

SkyCaddie SGX Screenshot of HoleSkyCaddie SGX Screenshot of Green

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The unit will come already loaded with Basic Green information. This permits the device to be played right out of the package. Within 30 days you will be forced to go with a membership plan to continue using the unit. Join ClubSG at no cost. Some of the features allow the golfer to upload the scorecard from the device. Monitor your golf statistics and analyze your game. Get your friends together and form an online group. By consistently recording your scores you will be able to obtain a recreational handicap. Use the integrated digital scorecard functions to track and calculate all aspects of your round. All you need to do is enter your score per hole, or you will have the option to use the more advanced features of the scorecard. Some of the more advanced statistics you can enter are # of putts, fairways you hit, and driving distance. It's also possible to input your handicap information for the golf course that you are playing. Whenever you synchronize with SkyCaddie your golf rounds will be stored on ClubSG.

Membership Plans

Plan Name Description

1 Year Cost

3 Year Cost

Additional Feature
Double Eagle Unlimited Worldwide Access $59.95 $149.95 Complimentary access to ClubSGBETA
Eagle Unlimited Nationwide Access $49.95 $129.95 Complimentary access to ClubSGBETA
Birdie Unlimited "State" Access $29.95 - Complimentary access to ClubSGBETA


The digital scorekeeping needs to be preset so it can calculate your Handicap or MyPar Target for the golf course you're going to be playing that day. The golf score you enter for the MyPar Target is the predetermined score that you're shooting for on that course for that day. The MyPar Target is basically a goal score you enter in order for the device to monitor your progress throughout the round of golf. Prior to teeing off pick either Handicap or MyPar Target. To record a course not in the library you will need to calculate 3 yardages for the green(back, center, and front of hole) and you can have up to 5 of these courses saved on your unit. Additionally, you will have the option to log both the Par and Handicap for those holes on your own golf course. The device permits you to upload your course so that other SkyCaddie members are able to use it.

Resource Links

Search SkyCaddie SGX Golf Courses that are Available

View the SkyCaddie SGX Manual

Smartly playing the golf course with the SkyCaddie SGX as your partner can help in your quest for lower golf scores and much more satisfying rounds of golf. Use the data produced by the device and you are going to educate yourself to produce smarter golf judgments on the course. Analyze the statistics to scrutinize your strengths and weaknesses. Put it all together and transform into a much better golf player.


Technical Specifications

  • Measures 2.5 by 4.8 by 0.75 inches (W x H x D) 
  • 5.6-ounce weight with battery 
  • High-resolution, three-inch transflective TFT-LCD screen 
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion Polymer battery offers up to 14 hours of continuous use 


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SkyCaddie SGX Golf GPS











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