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The SkyCaddie SGXw with Wi-Fi Review: The Wireless Rangefinder 


SkyCaddie SGXw WiFi

SkyCaddie SGXw

Retail Price: $399.95

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The newest addition to the SkyGolf line is the SkyCaddie SGXw with Wi-Fi. This advanced rangefinder takes the best features from the original SGX and builds on them. This new unit breaks free from wires to offer Wi-Fi wireless connectivity. You will also find other new features such as: Optical Finger Navigation - This will allow you to be very precise with your selection of distances and targets. RangeVue: This new advanced feature will display multiple distance rings to help in your club selection. You will see these distances displayed on HoleVue. An improved 3" TFT-LCD display which has been designed for better viewing in direct sunlight. The powerful GPS will be able to lock in your position even in heavy tree cover. Like the SGX, this new device will be preloaded with up to 30,000 courses with the basic green information. You will have 30 days to choose your membership plan.   

Getting Started with the Basics

Navigation with this unit is a combination of the optical trackpad and buttons. The GPS has been designed the opposite of a touchscreen (No touching the screen so no scratching or smudging will occur). It is recommended that you fully charge the unit before each round. The SGXw will come pre-loaded with basic green information (front, center, and back yardages) for up to 30,000 courses. Your free trial also allows you to download up to 10 advanced feature course maps wirelessly (Wi-Fi connection only). Your free trial will last for 30 days from the date of purchase. After 30 days you will be required to purchase a membership package in order to continue using the golf gps.

Benefits of MembershipSkyCaddie SGXw

They work hand in hand with the local golf professionals to insure that any changes to the course layout will be updated and available to SkyCaddie members in a timely manner. In 2010, over 1,000 courses a month were re-mapped.

The extensive course info and yardages are presented in a simple and easy to use format, so that you can quickly come to a decision and concentrate on the swing at hand. The SGXw offers the golfer proprietary features such as HoleVue, RangeVue, IntelliGreen, and IntelliGreen Pro. Better information makes for better decision making.

You will have the ability to sync your scores and stats to the exclusive ClubSG. This is SkyCaddie's online community made up of SkyCaddie goflers like yourself. Take advantage of key charts and graphs to help visualize your game as well as the connection with other golfers.

By regularly connecting you always be aware of and access to the latest software updates for your unit.

Manage and save the golf courses you play most often in your Favorites list. You will have 24/7 access to all your uploaded golf scores and statistics from anywhere with a computer and internet access.


SkyCaddie SGXw Quick Facts

New Features Exclusive to the SGXw - Wi-Fi Wireless Capability -- Optical Finger Navigation -- Dynamic RangeVue

Pre-Loaded with up to 30,000 Courses of Basic Green Information -- After 30 days you must choose a Membership Plan and then you will have access to all the courses corresponding to that plan -- See Available Courses

Scoll down this page to see Membership Plans -- If your course is not available, you can request that it be added.

Screen - High-Resolution, 3" transflective TFT-LCD screen

Rechargeable Lithium-ion Polymer Battery (lasts up to 10 hours)

Weighs only 5.6 oz. -- Wi-Fi -- USB Interface -- Compatible with PC and Mac

Advanced Features Exclusive to SkyCaddie - Every hole on every course is ground walked and mapped -- IntelliGreen -- IntelliGreen Pro -- QuickVue -- ClubSG -- MyPar

What's In the Box - SkyCaddie SGXw device, Rechargeable battery, LCD screen protectors, USB cable, AC power adapter, Heavy-duty belt clip, Belt clip cradle, Quick Start Guide

Key Features - Interactive HoleVue with Zoom -- Target List -- Manual Pin Positioning -- Digital Scorecard with Statistics - # of Putts, Fairways Hit, Handicap or MyPar Target -- Custom Record Your Own Course -- Customize Target Views -- Shot Measure -- Green View -- Hole View.

 See SkyCaddie Comparisons to Other Golf GPS's

You will have access to the most reliable and accurate golf course data available. SkyCaddie is the only golf gps equipment manufacturer who measures every course in their database by walking the actual course. They use survey grade equipment for precision mapping. This includes the actual shapes of greens, hazards, tee boxes, as well as tiers and contours on the green. Their competitors all use satellite images for their measurements. 

Let's take a closer look at each of the new features. This will help you decide whether to upgrade to the SGXw or stay with the SGX.

  • Wi-Fi Wireless Capability
  • Optical Finger Navigation
  • RangeVue

 New Features Exclusive to the SkyCaddie SGXw

Wi-Fi Wireless CapabilitySkyCaddie SGXw Wireless Network Connection

No wires. The new wireless feature of the SGXw will enable you to connect at home, office, or any available mobile hotspot. You can access any open wireless network or secure network provided you have the password or key. A smartphone with "Wireless Tethering" can also be connected to. Any wireless network that requires you to view a web page and enter a login or password on that webpage is NOT supported. Once you have properly entered and connected to a secure network that information will be stored for future connections (you won't have to enter the password each time). A few examples are that you will be able to check for updates to a course you will be playing that day without having to go home and connect through your pc. Let's say you have your clubs and unit with you and plans change to play a different course that's not on the SGXw. No problem, connect your Wi-Fi and download the new course.

Optical Finger NavigationSkyCaddie SGXw TrackPad

SkyCaddie has redesigned the navigational pointer as an optical trackpad. It is sensitive to the touch and requires you only to gently slide your fingertip over it to navigate. The TrackPad is omni-directional so the user will have complete and precise control in positioning the pointer. You will not be able to select any options by pressing on the trackpad. Use the keys above the trackpad to make on-screen selections. It is designed to be able to work with a gloved hand.

Dynamic RangeVueSkyCaddie SGXw RangVue on GreenSkyCaddie SGXw RangeVue in Fairway

One of the primary functions of a golf gps is to be able to play faster and smarter. This new SkyCaddie SGXw feature helps with both. The unit will display preset distance arcs on the HoleVue and IntelliGreen screens. They will adjust dynamically on your green and fairway landing areas so that you can more quickly choose the correct club. The IntelliGreen screens will show you the front, middle, and back yardages along with the distance arcs. On the fairway you can use the preset arcs for layup distances and use the pointer for an exact yardage from that point to the green.

PinPoint Technology  --  Coming Soon

The SGXw will allow you to add pin sheet positions for your course. This will give you exact distances to the pin without the limitations of a laser rangefinder. You will have all the information of a professional caddy at your fingertips.

Requires access to pin sheets and green zones; not offered at all courses


Membership Plans 

Plan Name Description

1 Year Cost

3 Year Cost

Additional Feature
Double Eagle Unlimited Worldwide Access $59.95 $149.95 Complimentary access to ClubSGBETA
Eagle Unlimited Nationwide Access $49.95 $129.95 Complimentary access to ClubSGBETA
Birdie Unlimited "State" Access $29.95 - Complimentary access to ClubSGBETA



Other Advanced Features 

Interactive HoleVue with Zoom: This feature displays a ground metered graphic of the entire hole. You will be presented with the ideal line of play for the hole. You can re-position to see the distance to that point and from that point to the center of the green. At any point you can zoom in for a closer and more detailed look. A red X will mark your spot on the hole and automatically updates the yardages in real time. Once in the fairway XTarget will display a line with the distance to the center of the green. You then have the option to move the point back to the fairway for a layup spot with yardages displayed to and from that point. By recording your distances off the tee you will be able to sync that data to ClubSG for future reference and analysis.

QuickVue: This option is available to the user on courses where HoleVue is not available. You will be shown the safest path to the green with hazards and targets being displayed as you progress through the hole.

IntelliGreen: This exclusive technology will display the true shape of the green, while automatically rotating the display on the screen based on your angle of approach. You will be provided with distances for front carry and back of green, depth of green, and yardages for any point on the green. If you have the RangeVue option on, you will also be shown the yardage arcs with the preset distances. All this information will allow you to make quick and smart decisions. With the Optical Trackpad you can position anywhere on the green for precise yardages available in real time that will adjust as your position changes.

IntelliGreen Pro: Built off the foundation of IntelliGreen, IntelliGreen Pro offers the user all the features of IntelliGreen but with the added ability to display false fronts, mounds, contours, and major tiers. You will have the option to see the preset arc distances with RangeVue. To fully exploit this technology, move the cross hairs to a ridge line so that you will know the distances from the front, back, and sides to this point. You will not find this level of information on any other golf gps. The use of satellite imagery is not able to distinguish undulations in greens. Only because SkyGolf walks the course can they measure this precise degree of data. 

Big Number and Center Only: Using the Big Number displays the selected target with a large number. This makes it easy to see along with a description. Use the trackpad to scroll through the targets one at a time. Center Only will display the center of the green in a large number format. When this function is turned on, no other targets will be displayed.

Mark Ball: Press mark ball button when you hit your ball and again when you arrive at your ball. You will then be displayed the distance of your shot. Learning how far you hit each club in your bag is one of the most important course management steps you can take. To know your game and to give yourself the best chance for low scores, write down how far you hit each club in various situations and conditions. Study and application of this information will greatly increase your chance of success.

Digital Scorecard: Just what the title implies, you can keep you score digitally on the unit. You will also optionally be able to keep track of other stats including putts, and fairways hit. Additionally, you can enter your handicap which the digital scorecard will factor in. The MyPar Target can also be used instead of handicap. This is a target score chosen by the golfer as a goal score for that particular course. Use this feature for motivation and improvement. After the round, all this information can be uploaded to ClubSG for current and future analysis.

Record Your Own Course:  The SkyCaddie SGXw will allow you to record up to 5 personal courses that can be stored on your unit.  You will be able to record 3 green targets (Front, Center, and Back Yardages) along with the par and handicap information. 

The SkyCaddie SGXw keeps SkyGolf at the front of the pack with a continued emphasis on cutting edge technologies.  When considering a purchase, you need to weigh the cost of ownership (cost of unit + yearly fee) with the feature set as compared to the same for competing golf gps's.  With SkyCaddie you can count on the most reliable and up to date information.  If the annual fee is within your budget, then you will not find another golf gps with a comparable feature set. 

SkyCaddie SGXw WiFi Side View  SkyCaddie SGXw Hole View with Layup Indicators 



SkyCaddie SGXw Screen Shot  SkyCaddie SGXw Green View with Distance Indicators 


System Requirements:

  • PC with Windows XP/Vista/7 (32- or 64-bit)
  • Mac OS 10.5 or higher, Intel processor
  • 512 MB of RAM (1 GB of RAM recommended)
  • 100 MB of available hard disk space
  • Available USB 1.1 or 2.0 port
  • Internet Access (High Speed Recommended)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0, FireFox, Safari, Chrome
  • Optional 2.4GHz Wi-Fi hotspot without browser authentication
  • If you recently purchased a PC or Mac (within the last year or so) it should be compatible with the SkyCaddie system


SkyCaddie SGXw Advanced Features:

• Unparalleled Accuracy with the Handy Wi-Fi Connectivity
• You will be amazed at how fast and easy this devise will be to use!
• Optical Finger Navigation (OFN) for exact distance and hazard selection
• New RangeVueTM feature will show multiple distance rings on HoleVueTM to aid in quicker club selection
• Wi-Fi enabled for convenient access to the most reliable course information in the GAME(3)
• Packed with exclusive, score-improving features(1)
• Brilliant, outdoor-readable 3” TFT-LCD display
• Powerful, high-precision 50-channel GPS receiver
• It comes preloaded with up to 30,000 courses, ready to play out of the box with basic green course information(2)
• Sync and store your scores and stat's online at ClubSGBETA


(1) Basic green information as well as advanced feature course maps require one of several nominally-priced membership plans. (2) Preloaded with basic green information FREE for 30 days. (3) Wi-Fi not available in all areas. Wi-Fi function requires a wireless internet connection through select Wi-Fi networks that do not use browser-based login portals.SkyCaddie SGX-W with WiFi








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