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Why Use a Golf GPS?


Golf GPS's possess many common features. After reviewing these features below you will be on your way to determining whether a gps is right for your game.

A golf gps may very well be one of the most important investments you make for lower scores and increased enjoyment of the game. When used to it's full potential you can cut strokes without buying a new set of irons or a driver. The potential that dwells within this device is game management. Let's take a look at both the basic and advanced features that these units have to offer.

Looking for the latest innovations in golf gps's. THE GOLF GPS WATCH.  Simple, loaded with all the same courses as the handhelds, with distances at a glance. These are the hottest selling units now, so check them out and see if one is right for you. See our Golf GPS Watch Comparisons and Reviews.

 SkyCaddie Linx  Garmin Approach S4  Bushnell Neo X Golf Watch


Golf Buddy Voice  Expresso WR62  MotoACTV Golf GPS

Garmin Approach S1 vs S2 vs S3

These are great examples of the innovations still going on in the design of golf gps's. The Golf Buddy World Platinum is a full color device with a touch screen. With a layout of the hole presented to you the player is able to touch a point on the hole to find the distance to that point and from that point to the green. You can easily move this point around to determine your best shot option. The SkyCaddie SGX-W is the first golf gps to integrate WiFi capability. This will allow the golfer to wirelessly upload data and download courses. Garmin has taken the gps to its smallest and simplest level yet. Borrowing from their expertise in the running sector, the Approach S3 user can find the distances for the front, middle, and back of the green with a glance at his wrist. In a small form factor the size of a regular watch, the S3 can also compute distances on all your shots.

Golf Buddy World Platinum  Garmin Approach G6  SkyCaddie SGXw


You will find units going the full distance from basic black & white to advanced full color graphics. Most units have now gone to color.

Some basic features include:

- Distance to the green from your current position (be that on the tee, in the fairway , or somewhere beyond where that nasty hook landed you). Most will give you a distance for the front, middle, and back of the green.

- Many units will show you distances to hazards, carries, and layups. Some units will allow you to custom add your own hazards or markers that are not included for that particular course. This can come in handy if you play certain courses regularly and have specific hazards you want to mark. If you play a course regularly that your unit does not have available, then some have the capability of allowing you to custom mark that course.

- Distance mark feature - This will allow you to measure the distance of any shot that you make. When fully utilized, this feature alone can cut strokes from your game. Use it to measure how far you hit every club in your bag. The confidence of knowing the correct club to hit along with game management will make for very enjoyable rounds of golf.



Some advanced features include:

- You will find full color graphical layouts of the hole to overhead aerial satellite image flyovers. This will provide assistance to you even if you have never played the course.

- Anypoint technology allows you to touch or point to any spot on the hole and a distance from you to that point and from that point to the green will be calculated. This allows you to precisely pick your layups. Course management has just been taken to a whole new level.

- Images with the contours of the green. Touchscreen units. Digital scorecards. Check out these examples of the types of graphics and data that will be available to you.


Golf Buddy World Platinum Scorecard Screen ShotSkyCaddie SGX-W Screen ShotSonocaddie V500 Satellite Screen Shot


The ongoing cost for course downloads varies by the manufactuer. You will find options ranging from free, to annual fees, to paying for individual courses. Check out pages for each unit to find out the future costs associated with that unit. You will find options for free basic yardage information with fees for more enhanced information. The Golf Buddy World Platinum is an example of a unit that is free of charge for all course downloads, while the SkyCaddie SGX has an annual fee.

Read how you can use a golf gps but the pros can't.

In conclusion, if you are serious about your golf game then a golf gps should be a consideration. Put the power of a tour caddy in your hand and take your game to the next level with a golf gps.

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